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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Reviving tormented feet with
InnisFree Special Care Foot Mask

A typical weekend night in Singapore: stumbling on 4-inch heels from Employees Only in Amoy Street to Clubstreet and torturing my feet even further by walking to Kilo Club in Tanjong Pagar Road. Great night - painful feet. Luckily, in Asia there's a beauty mask for everything: this Sunday, it's time to pamper my poor hoofs with a special foot mask...

I'm therefore testing InnisFree's "Special Care Mask - Foot", a foot treatment for soft, healthy feet with 'herb green complex extract' consisting of 7 natural herbal extracts that promise me to add vitality to my skin. I think my feet will be thankful, as - apart from an occasional pedicure - I tend to neglect them in my otherwise extensive beauty routine. Which isn't nice of me, given my love for high heels that aren't always comfortable.

A foot mask - a must-add to my (post)going out equipment?

I follow the directions stated on the pack:
(1) Wash feet and take out a foot mask.
(2) Remove foot mask after 10-20 minutes and massage the excess liquid for penetration.

First things first; taking out the foot mask, that comes in a pair of plastic socks with a layer of tissue inside that is drenched in liquid. The fabric of the socks feels soft and comforting, and the scent is heavy though pleasant: a good combination that adds to the overall pampering experience. When you wear a pair of socks over the plastic foot mask, you can actually walk around and don't have to sit still, which I like.

I left the socks on for 20 minutes and the foot mask turns out to be pretty moisturizing. Not as heavy duty as foot creams that I've tried but never use for a reason; rich foot creams, walking barefeet on a marble floor and not being able to sit still made me nearly break my neck a few times. In that sense, this foot mask is a much better solution as I only have to sit still for 10-20 minutes - after massaging the excess liquid onto my feet (which is a lot, but not as rich as foot cream) and using a towel to take off some liquid from my soles, I'm good to go and dance around on my marble floor without danger of slipping.

My feet feel smooth and soft and I feel pampered. I will definitely use this product again; easy-to-use product and good value for money. Next time I will exfoliate my feet first, as I think this will make the results even better. Good product as well to bring when travelling to relieve tired feet during city trips and/or after long flights.

InnisFree - Special Care Mask - Foot
Price: 4,44 SGD
Available at InnisFree stores (6 stores in Singapore, find locations here)

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