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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Absolutely Hooked: 3CE Liquid Lip Color

Whereas the focus within Korean cosmetics is largely on its famous skincare, we must surely not forget about Korean makeup, in particular Korean lip products. These are equally as innovative as the beauty nation’s skincare and got me, not particularly fond of lip products in general, hooked. I picked up 3CE’s Liquid Lip Color when I was in Seoul, but fortunately the product is available throughout Asia and even in Europe and the US through 3CE’s webshop. Which is good, because I don’t think I will be ever able to live without this product again…

The product claims are actually very accurate, no hollow or vague promises, something you don't come across too often in makeup: 

CLAIM #1: Long-lasting formula for every busy woman

“The liquid to matte formula seamlessly adheres to lips and delivers long-lasting, vivid color, keeping your lips looking flawless in a single sweep without the need for reapplication.”

This is 100% true – the color lasts for several hours and survived a party I attended from 7pm till 2am. I’m not kidding. Most long-lasting lip products really dry out your lips throughout the hours, but this is not the case with this lip color.

CLAIM #2: Effortlessly Bold True Matte Color

“The super-soft, richly pigmented formula glides on smoothly like a cream and dries to a true matte finish. “

The color I got is called “Low Down”, a muted rose tint with a hint of beige. One of less bold colors (other available colors include bright pinks and corals and even a dark aubergine color), as I’m more the classic type. It’s still a cool color though, distinctive but not too much. I will definitely try more colors asap though...

The other Liquid Lip Colors

CLAIM #3: Precision-tip applicator

“The flexible cushion applicator allows anyone to create both a gradient and full coverage look like a pro makeup artist.”

True - I absolutely love the applicator, it makes it so easy to apply the product. Just squeeze the tube a bit and the soft applicator fills up with the product. The precision-tip makes it possible to draw steady lines just outside your natural lip line, so no additional lip pencil is needed. The product does dry up rather quickly and once it’s dry it is difficult to adjust a line as it is really ‘set’, so don’t work too slow. 

CLAIM #4: Matte on the outside, soft on the inside

“Plant-derived oils such as Chenopodium Quinoa Seed Extract and Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil provide intense moisture, keeping lips soft, flake-free and comfortable.”

Yes – this is what I meant above; I won’t say the product makes my lips especially soft, but for sure it doesn’t dry them out either. Very comfortable to wear.

The Result! Love it.

3CE Liquid Lip Color #LOW DOWN

Price: 17.000 KRW (around 21 SGD /18 USD)
Available at 3CE Stores in Korea (find stores here); 
Selected stores throughout Asia (find stores here - haven't seen this product in Singapore yet);
and online through 3CE/StyleNanda Webshop (find here - worldwide shipping, yay!)


  1. I'm pretty sure 3CE is now sold at Sephora in Sg 😊

    1. Thanks for your remark! You are absolutely right, in Singapore 3CE is available at Sephora; what I meant to say is that I have not found this particular Liquid Lip Colour yet. Have you? I'd be sooo happy, wanna buy more!!! :)


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