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Sunday, April 10, 2016

New or Not, it's a Must-Have:
Bioré UV Perfect Spray SPF50 / PA++++

I love NEW cosmetics & skincare. To me, a product that screams "New" on its packaging or in its advertising implies groundbreaking product features that promise the ultimate thrill to a beauty junkie: an earth-shaking experience with jaw-dropping results, the only thoughts that come to an extatic mind being "why didn't they invent this earlier??!" and "OMG my life will be so much better now".

Needless to say I was overly excited when I spotted an outdoor advertising campaign upon my return in Singapore after having spent the past three weeks in Europe. Bioré, the Japanese brand (part of KAO group) that produces my favourite sun block (Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery Gel), advertised a NEW (!) sun block called "UV Perfect Spray SPF50". I had to run to catch my bus heading to Orchard Road, and as I couldn't see what the Bioré ad at the bus shelter said, I decided to look for the product while shopping downtown.

Sold Out Everywhere on Orchard Road

Turned out that the spray was sold out everywhere - Watson's, Guardian and some smaller cosmetic stores deep in the basements of large malls like ION and Ngee Ann City. Wow, this new product must be really groundbreaking if it is sold out everywhere - even the testers of the spray at the product displays where empty. At this point I was near hysterical, as I concluded that this product was likely to be the invention of the century (I can be a bit dramatic every now and then). Although I was dissapointed that I didn't get the product, the thought of being able to try this amazing product in the near future was soothing enough for now.

On my way home I stopped at the Fairprice supermarket in suburban Bukit Timah to get some groceries. At the check out, a Bioré tower display curiously placed in the frozen food aisle caught my attention. Shining on top of it: the UV Perfect Spray!!!

I couldn't wait to try the product to find out the revolutionary newness that I had projected on it. Unfulfillingly, apart from "New", the product description on the back of the pack does not disclose what exactly is new about the product. So I googled the product. To find out it had been launched in 2015 already - bummer.

The UV Perfect Spray itself is anything from unfilfilling or disapointing - I absolutely love it and it now shares the title of my personal favourite with Bioré's Aqua Watery Gel SPF50.

Non-Sticky, Water- & Sweatproof And Also Suitable For Balding Men

First and foremost, the UV filters in the UV Perfect Spray are broad spectrum:
  • SPF50: Blocks UVB rays that cause dark spots, freckles and sunburn
  • PA++++: Maximum level of protection against UVA to prevent sunburn and premature aging (wrinkles, spots etc)

For a more elaborate explanation on UVA, UVB and sun & skin check my other article.

Furthermore, the product is water- and sweatproof and pretty much invisible upon application. The texture is super light and quickly absorbed by the skin and leaves your skin non-sticky and non-shiny, even when in contact with water.

Middle Picture: The product is transparant and very light-weight (I sprayed on a lot of product here, otherwise it wasn't visible). Right Picture: Invisible result!

According to the ingredient list the product contains fragrance, but as opposed to Biore's profoundly scented Watery Gel, no particular scent is noted - it does ofcourse smell like sunscreen product.

A cool and very functional product feature is the 360 coverage that the spray provides. You can spray the product upside down and in every angle you wish - the spray will keep functioning perfectly. I find this is great to use for parts of your skin that you easily miss when applying sunscreen, like the sensitive skin of your bikini line and the areas of your skin that are alternately covered/not covered by the sides of your bikini top or bathing suit. Also great for area's that aren't easily covered by sun protection creams, like your hair, scalp and the part of your neck just below your hair. Or the somewhat bald head of your sunscreen-averse husband ("I rather burn than walk around with white cloths of sunscreen stuck in my hair. You are lying - I DO look ridiculous"); no matter what leftover or milimetered buzz cut hairs are in the way, this spray covers all.

But what is new about this product remains a mystery to me...if anyone know, please comment in the section below!

Bioré UV Perfect Spray SPF50 / PA++++
Price: 9,90 SGD
Available at: a.o. Watsons, Guardian, Fairprice

How to use: Shake well before use and hold 10-15 cm away from your body - spray on hands first to apply on face.

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